Bolles Harbor and Beyond

When it comes to fishing Lake Erie, the main question is always, who is willing to make a long run to find the bigger fish to win the tournament?  That was mostly the case again this year launching out Bolles Harbor.  Bolles Harbor is a nice launch and great parking to hold the event.  The club members  do not have to make a long run out of the launch to catch fish, however, if they want to shoot for the larger walleyes and win the tournament it would be a trip towards West Sister Island and beyond.
The weather started off a little shaky on tournament morning .  The teams that fished Breast Bay had rain and hail that filled the bottom of the boats and of course our friend, the wind, in the morning.  The teams that ran out towards West Sister and beyond had some rain and wind and a lot of dark clouds.  However, by the end of the day it laid down and became a great day to be out.
When it can to the end, 27 boats brought in 88 fish to the scales, three more boats than the previous trip to Lake Erie in 2013.  It was a decent day and everyone enjoyed the outing.  Look for the top 10 to share techniques and location on where they caught fish.  The question has already arisen about next year, are we fishing Port Clinton and are we going to be able to fish in Canadian waters?
Where the club fishes next year will be voted on by the membership and the Board will discuss the Canadian water issue for 2015.  The question will always remain, are you willing to make the run to win a tournament?

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