Earn Bass Pro Shops/ Cabela’s National Team Championship Spots


YOUR TWF affiliated club can earn spots for your teams in the Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s National Team Championship each year and it is very easy.

  1. Every TWF club earns one (1) spot for just for signing up their club and becoming active with TWF and a minimum of 12 anglers.
  2. Earning a minimum of (3) spots is easy too just for signing up with TWF defined above and holding (4) or more events a year (cannot just be TWF sidepots as sidepots have their own NTC spots that come with them) and then sending us your club event results so we can help promote your club and verify events. (NEW for 2025 Qualifying) Results of your 2024 events must be turned in to TWF by end of day, January 10, 2025 to be accepted.

All TWF clubs who hold a minimum of (4) club ran and managed events per year (that are not TWF sidepots) and send in their event results to TWF for posting on the national www.walleyefederation.com website earn (3) NTC spots to award to your members!  This serves a couple of needs:

    1. We WANT to promote YOUR club and your anglers send us results and maybe a picture and we will help promote YOUR club, YOUR anglers, and walleye fishing on a national website.
    2. AND this also verifies that your club is a legitimate walleye club holding events. What we want is people fishing and legitimate qualifiers to a true National Championship.

The more members you have fishing and the more events you hold the more spots you may be able to earn!

In the event there are left over spots after the 1st initial allotment of NTC bids goes out to the clubs and in order to help reduce the reallocation processing times, all reallocated spots will be awarded based on the SIZE of your TWF mother club membership as of Dec 31 of the qualifying year as follows:

Active TWF clubs will have opportunity to fill reallocated spots based on Mother club membership as follows; For (24) mother club members = (1) reallocated bid, (36) mother club members = (2) reallocated bids, (48) mother clubs members = (3) reallocated bids, etc.) While there MAY be a situation arise that there is more reallocated bids using this formula than there are open spots left before we reach the event limit, spots will be filled on a first registered basis until the event is full then all reallocated spots remaining will be void. So when you receive your reallocation notice DO NOT wait, register early or you may left be out. NOTICE – Mother club status can ONLY be changed by the angler themselves by contacting TWF directly at 580-765-9031.

(NEW for 2025 Qualifying) ALL anglers attempting to qualify for the National Team Championship (NTC) must be ACTIVE TWF members. Anglers who are not ACTIVE TWF members in the year in which they qualified will not be allowed to participate in the NTC, this would also include angler substitutions.

HUGE benefits just for joining TWF and it is low cost.

Every TWF club and member gets FULL TWF benefits such as:

  • up to 3 Million Dollars per member of liability insurance coverage for all your club events
  • 10,000 AD&D event coverage for every member,
  • Eligibility to compete in any TWF or Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC) event.
  • and MUCH more.