Harlan Anglers Hold Tournament on Harlan County Lake

Harlan Anglers Walleye Club End of Year Tournament

Harlan County Lake

Alma Nebraska  

The Harlan Anglers Walleye club held a one day Walleye tournament on Sunday September 25, 2011 on the Harlan County Lake. The tournament was two people teams per boat for those fishing the end of year tournament. Fishing was extremely tough as the fish hadn’t moved to the drop offs yet and there was a huge hatch of shad during the summer. Fish were gorging themselves on the shad and extremely hard to catch.

There were fourteen teams in the tournament this year

The tournament brought in teams from Nebraska & Kansas.

Prizes were awarded by the total weight and also big fish of the tournament. Seven teams weighed walleye for the one day tournament. Big fish of the tournament was caught by the team of Al Hohfeld & Greg Mangels weighing 3.22lbs.

The top five Harlan Anglers Members Placements for the tournament were as follows:

The first place team of Brian Brinkman & Ryan Miller from Nebraskacaught a total of 5.72 lbs of walleye .

The 2nd place team of Derek Wagner & Steve Maurer fromNebraska caught 3.54 lbs of walleye.

The 3rd place team of Roger Shekler & Ken Gwecke fromNebraskacaught 3.52 lbs of walleye.

The 4th place team of Al Hohfeld & Greg Mangels  fromNebraskacaught 3.22 lbs of walleye.

The 5th place team of Dennis Vance & Shelby Vance  fromKansas  caught 1.44 lbs of walleye.