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Harlan Anglers Walleye Club


Saturday April 30, & Sunday May 1st, 2016 Rodney Marshall Memorial tournament (Harlan Anglers Walleye Club)

Harlan County Reservoir (Nebraska)

There were sixty eight boats with one hundred thirty six participants.


Harlan Anglers FY 16 Tournament Results

2016 Harlan Anglers 5th Annual Rod Marshall Tournament (68 Teams)


The Total of the two day tournament was 151 walleye caught and released for a total weight of 371.66 pounds


Name Total weight Place
Brian Regelin & Brett Vinzant 20.96 1st
Brent & Blaine Janssen 19.04 2nd
Randall Horine & Brandon Sinsel 19.02 3rd
Justin Debrie & Randy Coffman 15.62 4th
Cliff Doty & Scott Hayes 15.02 5th



June 4, 2016 Harlan Anglers Walleye Tournament

Harlan County Lake (Located Republican City Nebraska)

There were fifty nine boats with one hundred and eighteen participants.

There were ninety three walleye caught for a total weight of 239.76 pounds.







James Beisner & Steve Maurer 15.94 1st
Luke Henderson & Jeremy Collinson 15.80 2nd
Randy Downing & Dave Burnham 13.84 3rd
Justin Debrie & Rod Bartels 12.2 4th
Rick Perkins & Matt Duncan 11.84 5th


September 11, 2016 Harlan Anglers Tournament

 Harlan County Lake (Located Republican City Nebraska)

There were fifteen boats with thirty participants.



Name weight Place
Justin Debrief & Rod Bartels 12.8 1st
Steve Maurer & James Beisner 10.53 2nd
Brian Brinkman & Ryan Batenhorst 10.51 3rd
Jeremy Collinson & Luke Henderson 8.14 4th
Tom Harold & Steve Fitz 7.78 5th



September 18, 2016 Harlan Anglers League Championship Walleye Tournament

Harlan County Lake (Located Republican City Nebraska)

There were twenty two boats with forty four participants


Name weight Place
Nick Brandenberry & Brett Vansant 9.58 1st
Lindstedt & Liven 8.30 2nd
Vance & Meyer 6.68 3rd
Steve Maurer & James Beisner 6.48 4th
Wagner & Rossen 6.04 5th