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The Walleye Federation is a new organization modeled after the successful grassroots style of the oldest and largest organized bass fishing group in America, The Bass Federation (TBF), and shares their foundation in three core values, Youth, Conservation and Fishing. 

We chose this proven model to support walleye fishing in America and to provide walleye anglers and the industry the same support, sponsor benefits, and unity for youth, conservation and fishing that has been afforded to bass anglers for 40 years.  The Walleye Federation (TWF) has significant industry support and will operate as a federation under the TBF umbrella as it grows and receives FULL member benefits! The long list of benefits TWF members will receive includes:

  • TWF annual dues will be $50 per year, per person membership.  This includes: full TWF member benefits, full FLW Outdoors WALLEYE member benefits with eight issues of FLW Outdoors electronic walleye magazine, and a one-year subscription to North American Fisherman. Also included is the members-only online discount store and sponsor discounts program.
  • An “active” TWF club is a club that signs up and registers in the online system with a minimum of six teams (12 members) in the club. YOU may register as many as you wish in your club but six teams (12 members) is the minimum to be an active TWF club.
  • Full insurance will be provided for every TWF club/trail, officers, and events. (check out the insurance FAQ link on this website) Currently, 1MM General Liability coverage, 10K ADD event coverage and 25K excess medical coverage for all TWF club sanctioned events.
  • Walleye “Living the Dream” program expanding from the grassroots club/trail level all the way to the pros.
  • In order to be a TWF sanctioned tournament for the purposes of the CABELA’S NTC, clubs will need to register with TWF before the Cabela’s NTC deadline.   All memberships of TWF, FLW Outdoors, and North American Fisherman will run for a calendar year starting January 1.  The cost is the same no matter when you join during the year, so the best benefits go to those joining by January 1.
  • As membership grows, state-level walleye federation organizations will be formed.
  • The youth and conservation program models, as well as, funding and benefits will be extended to all clubs on the walleye side.
  • Free Reel Kids youth casting competition kits are available on request for clubs holding an event. Kit includes rods/reels, targets and instructions.
  • Support for your local youth and conservation events using collective buying power to benefit all groups and grow the youth segments.
  • Opportunities will be provided to speak on issues, address legislation and support conservation matters important to walleye anglers in your state and nationally. Conservation movements are more powerful as one large voice. The Walleye Federation (TWF) will make YOUR voice heard.
  • TWF will improve communication among walleye anglers; Better camaraderie, benefits, and participation.
  • Communication made easier with online e-mail blasts.

Cabela’s is a large supporter of The Walleye Federation (TWF). TWF clubs and members will receive preferred benefits concerning the Cabela’s National Team Championship (NTC).

How does this affect the Cabela’s NTC?  In addition to walleye angler benefits, The Walleye Federation will also provide benefits for the Cabela’s National Team Championship effective for the 2011 NTC including:

  • TWF clubs/trails will be given preference for re-allocated spots if all 250 slots aren’t filled from the original allocation.
  • NTC Champions PRO level “Living The Dream” package will be given to the winner of the Cabela’s NTC, if they are a TWF member. TWF will offer fully paid entry fees into their choice of the regional MWC division, (three events), as well as a travel stipend of $500 for each event.  TWF will provide custom TWF Living The Dream jerseys and use of a TWF Living The Dream wrapped Ranger 600 series boat for the winning team to compete in for the season.
  • For every TWF club/trail, TWF will provide one “Living the Dream” sponsorship package to the TOP TWF affiliated team fishing the NTC. This includes a 25% discount on the $300 entry fee to the Cabela’s NTC and two custom dyed sub-laminated club/trail “champions” jerseys.
  • One Cabela’s NTC entry fee will be paid for those clubs over 12 teams, or 24 member anglers or more.
  • TWF Clubs will manage their own rosters in the TWF online roster management system and be regulated to provide accuracy in reporting association numbers for the spot allocation process.
  • Participation in TWF, as far as the NTC is concerned, is voluntary; however, TWF clubs will be given consideration and benefits over non-TWF clubs.
  • In order to be a TWF sanctioned tournament for the NTC, clubs will need to register before the Cabela’s NTC deadline.

Starting December 13, 2010 TWF will begin accepting memberships for 2011 in the federation online system.  Follow the link on All TWF memberships expire on December 31, 2011.

How to Join TWF

The entire industry has united to make a Walleye Federation full of benefits and easy for you; your annual TWF membership is THREE yearly memberships in one! (1) TWF membership, (1) FLW Outdoors Walleye membership and (1) North American Fisherman membership!  Register your club and members on the secure website,, then pay member dues and we’ll take care of the rest!

The Walleye Federation, TWF Regular 1-year membership is easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1.  Register your club.  Your club administrator/president or secretary will log into and click “new” under the club registration section.  Don’t worry about the club number the system will assign one for new clubs.   Enter your club name, then club type will be ADULT; category will be WALLEYE. Then, complete the form and the system will send a password to the email listed.

Step 2.  Fill out your online roster.  Log into the system using your generated password.  Detailed instructions can be found under the help section titled ClubUserGuide or call our national office at 580.765.2319 and we’ll help you enter your first member, it’s easy!  For each member you will need: name, address, city, state, zip, email, and phone.  Also, FLW Outdoors member number if it applies.

Step 3.  Generate a dues estimate, then invoice and pay your dues. Our system can generate a list of ALL members in your club with a line item invoice of dues owed. Simple and easy! Print it out and collect member dues! After collecting dues, log into the system to submit your invoice using the New Update link on the Club Membership Updates tab.  Lastly, send a matching check with the invoice to the address on the invoice.  You’re done for the year and READY TO FISH!  Enjoy an entire year of worry and hassle free fishing knowing you’re updated, paid up, covered with insurance and your member benefits are in place!

Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs)

  • I called FLW Outdoors and they said I had to join through TWF? YES, FLW Outdoors will not sell a membership to a TWF member (with a few exceptions) their system ‘talks’ to our system and identifies TWF members as such. All TWF members now update through our online system, through their club roster. Just pay one time in one place!
  • What if I’m already an FLW member?  The onetime $50 TWF yearly membership remains the same.
  • I used to be able to buy a 2 or 3 year ‘discounted’ FLW Outdoors membership? Can we still do that?  No, FLW Outdoors no longer sells a DISCOUNTED 2, 3 year membership.
  • How do I get my FLW Outdoors electronic Walleye Magazine? It’s available online by logging into your account at anytime 24/7/365 it includes the latest stories and events, interactive video, and full Walleye Magazine articles.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at the TBF national office, 580.765.2319.