Nebraska Walleye Association, Calamus Reservoir Open, Burwell, NE

Nebraska Walleye Association

Calamus Reservoir Open

Burwell, NE 6/13-14/2020

After all the covid cancellations, the Nebraska Walleye Association is finally back on track. Calamus was a huge success with 45 teams entered on Saturday and 40 on Sunday. In all, 92 walleyes weighing in at 175.65 lbs. were caught on Saturday. Sunday’s catch was more challenging as only 44 fish were caught bringing 79.86 lbs. of walleye across the scale. Weather wise, it was very windy but at least rain and storms stayed away allowing the tournament to move forward.

Saturday was won by Mike Woerth and Chad Boettcher weighing five fish for 12.88 lbs. They both received a check for $1004.00 Second place team Adam Miller and Timothy Bartz

with 11.24 lbs. receiving a check for $488 each. Third place team was Brad Harrington and Jake Bosak weighing 11.16 lbs. and winning $430.00 each. Fourth place team won $287.00 each consisting of Ron Green and Andy Moberly with a basket of 10.77 lbs. Fifth place team Brian Tibbetts and Tanner Tibbets had 9.93 lbs. and won $230.00 each. Sixty place team Mike and Bryan Archer won $201.00 each and a basket of 9.49 lbs. Seventh place team Todd and Eric Belgum had 8.55 bls and won $143.00 each. Eight place team Rick and Richard Waldron won $86.00 each with a basket of 8.39 lbs. Jeff Man and Greg Cassel won the big fish pot with a Walleye weighing 5.90 lbs.

Sunday was won by Adam Miller and Timothy Bartz with four fish weighing 13lbs11 oz. They also won the big fish pot with a walleye weighing 5.58 lbs. They won $893.00 each for first place. Second place team Damon Shada and Justin Weaver had 7.80 lbs. of walleye and won $434.00 each. Third place team Mike Woerth and Chad Boettcher won $383.00 each
with a basket of 6.79 lbs. Fourth place team Tom Sammons and Randy Stamp won $255.00

with 5.36 lbs. Fifth place team Terry Zimmerman and Travis Sanger won $204.00 with 4.38 lbs. Sixth place team Brad Harrington and Jake Bosak won $179.00 each with a basket of 4.05 bls. Seventh place team Robert Martinez and Robert Coufal won $128.00 with a basket of 3.47 lbs. Eight place team Neil Wegner and Dylan Wieser won $77 each with a basket of 3.10 lbs.

A lot of the fish were caught on the west end of the lake on Saturday using crank baits. Success was also found along the buoy line using a jig and half night crawler. The lake has a lot of 13-14-inch walleye as several were caught by the anglers. White bass and wipers were also plentiful and gave everyone some excitement thinking they had a monster on only to feel the head shake leading to the angler’s heads to shake.

Thanks for all the help at the scale and the anglers for helping abide by the extra rules in place because of the covid requirements. We would not be able to do this without your help.

Tournament Directors Nate Stender D.C. Dave Nadgwick