NWA – Harlan Reservoir Results

Harlan 2013

The NWA held its final qualifier tournament for the 2013 points race on Saturday July 13 and on Sunday July 14 had its Open State Championship.  The tournament was held at Harlan Reservoir near Republican City, NE.

The tournament started off on Friday night at Patterson Harbor Beach Bar for the 6 p.m. rules meeting.  Tammy and Jake from Patterson Harbor were gracious hosts and had set up a buffet style dinner for all of the tournament participants.  Thanks Tammy and Jake.

Saturday’s tournament started off at 6:30 and ended at 2:30.  The weather was quite warm and the bite was hot.  Almost every team weighed fish on Saturday with most having their 2 fish over 22”.  Jason Hettler and Brandon Shada topped the elite field with a weight of 23.53 pounds.  The top 6 teams all weighed fish that topped the scales over 20 pounds.  Great job everyone.

Sunday was the Open State Championship and the times were the same as Saturday.  Luckily the weather cooled down quite a bit and thankfully the bite kept going.  The top team on Sunday was Chuck and Will Pavelka which weighed in at an outstanding 25.68 pounds including a 12 pound Walleye.  Great job to Chuck and Will for their outstanding performance.

There were no TWF side pot winners for this weekend as we didn’t receive the minimum amount of teams to qualify for these tournaments.  All in total this year the NWA held and ran 5 qualifying tournaments with these teams already getting an automatic NTC slot: Bill McGannon and Brian Hunke, Mike Means and Chad Warriner, John McCallister and Jim Royer, Rich Oliver and Troy Schroeder, and Tim and Ted Starostka.  Congratulations to these teams for already making the NTC.

Our top teams this year for Top Gun best of all and best of four were: Roger Sheckler and Ken Gewecke and Steve Hankla and Rick Hesse.  Great job too these two teams that fished every tournament and had some great results to top an elite field of fisherman from around the state.

Thanks need to go out to Rick Hesse, Rob Hadan, Chuck and Will Pavelka, Steve Hankla, Chad Warriner, Ken Seffron, Rick and Dalton Smutny, Jason Hettler, Brandon Shada, Robin Hettler, and Susan Hadan.  Our first tournament for the 2014 schedule will be held fall of 2013 at Lewis and Clark Lake on October 20.



Names Day 1 Big Fish Day 1 Weight
Hettler/Shada 8.22 23.53
Garver/Belgum 7.77 22.5
Kunze/Dush 6.59 21.32
Seim/Willis 6.97 21.27
Brueggemann/Brueggemann 6.6 20.17
Smutny/Smutny 7.08 20
Brewer/Crist 6.84 18.59
Oliver/Schroeder 5.78 18.32
Anderson/Long 5.8 16.18
Hadan/Hankla 5.28 14.45
Starostka/Starostka 14.16
Means/Warriner 13.78
Green/Green 4.86 13.26
Brandon/Conroy 7.14 11.8
Seffron/Seffron 8.12 11.26
Horine/Warburton 2.4 9.94
Werner/Furst 2.82 7.92
Pavelka/Pavelka 5.5 5.5
Wohlgemuthx2 2.2 5.24
McShane/Glasshoff 2.1 5.2
Clayton/Clayton 5.12
Scheckler/Gawieke 3.07
Wagner/Rossen 0
Harold/Hoard/Hoppee 0


Names Day 1 Big Fish Day 1 Weight
Pavelka/Pavelka 12 25.68
Kunze/Dush 8.66 21.39
Wagner/Rossen 6.69 21.13
Brueggemann/Brueggemann 7.63 20.21
Harold/Hoard/Hoppee 10.5 17.79
Seim/Willis 7.8 17.09
Hadan/Hankla 7.72 16.67
Horine/Warburton 6.21 15.48
Green/Green 5.64 15.3
Garver/Belgum 5.16 15.15
Smutny/Smutny 5.15 12.83
Scheckler/Gawieke 3.29 12.77
Seffron/Seffron 4.57 9.79
Brewer/Crist 5.65 7.32
Means/Warriner 4.36 6.89
Hettler/Shada 5.61
Clayton/Clayton 0 0
Starostka/Starostka 0
McShane/Glasshoff 0
Brandon/Conroy 0
Oliver/Schroeder 0
Anderson/Long 0 0
Werner/Furst 0
Wohlgemuthx2 0