The Ohio Walleye Federation – Vic’s Challenge

The Ohio Walleye Federation held the first annual Vic’s Challenge out of Geneva State Park (Lake Erie) on July 18th 2015. This was the OWF’s first Lake Erie Event this year which was open to anyone no membership required. With an over 110% payback including bonuses for Family, Ranger / Starcraft, Big Fish, and Big Sheep head sponsored by Vic’s Sports Center In Tallmadge OH. There was a lot on the line when the 40 boats hit the water including a $4000 1st place payout. After an unusually cool summer so far, the fish were reported to be in a later than normal summer pattern meaning long boat rides, even with water temps in the lower 70s. Weather forecasters predicted that wind conditions would be light and variable giving the anglers waves of 2 ft or less which was not the case when the anglers arrived at the ramp. So with lake conditions in the 2-4 ft range and some 5 ftrs mixed in there the anglers knew they had their hands full with both fishing and driving the boat. Finishing First Place was the team of Kopf / Riggs / Shoroune who brought in the Big Fish and Big basket  weighing in at 39.64lbs. Taking Second place was the team of Duffus / Loveland / Romano with a weight of 38.78lbs and rounding out the top 3 was the team of Pelz / Bird / Bird with a weight of 37.86lbs. All three teams reported catching their fish with similar methods of worm harnesses on 3 oz inline weights and dipsys. One thing was the same for all 3 boats they made long boat rides to find the right fish. We would like to thank all our sponsors for making these events possible please see for complete results and to support our sponsors. Remember…….. HAVE FUN AND FISH!!

Team Name BF Total Finish
Team Kopf 9.54 39.64 1
Sharp Hook 8.42 38.78 2
Crazy Ranger 9.02 37.86 3
The 4 Skinz 8.42 37.80 4
Whit/Gywnn/Lilly/Rat 7.92 37.10 5
Bite Me 9.30 36.54 6
Walleye Net 8.46 36.52 7
Hotrod Sportfishing 8.86 36.38 8
Team Shipman 35.72 9
Team Warrior Lures 9.44 35.08 10

Thanks to all our sponsors:

Vic’s Marine-OWF’s CBC Title Sponsor(Lake Erie & “Geneva Vic’s Challenge”)

Ravenna Marine-OWF’s ILC Title Sponsor

Haine’s Marine                                                               Canyon Coolers

Worlwide Insurance                                                       Bay Rat Lures

Les’s Bait                                                                       Mepps

Reef Runner                                                                   Rodmaker’s Shop

Fin Feather & Fur                                                          Redneck Outfitters

Kames                                                                           Kerr Automotive

Cisco                                                                             Traxtech

Fish USA

Church’s Tackle

These sponsors make our tournaments possible!!!!