Bay De Noc Great Lakes Sportfishermen Results

The Bay De Noc Great Lakes Sportfishermen announce results of the annual Wal-Mart Bay’s Classic that took place out of Escanaba on August 8th. The event also held a NTC sidepot that 18 teams participated in. A total of 20 teams fished the event on the Bays for a great day on the water with every team catching fish. 9 teams finished approx 1 1/2 pounds out of first place, a true battle of some of the best walleye fisherman in the area.


The team of Don Alimenti and Steve Martin took honors weighing a 3 fish limit for 19.11 pounds. The first place team took home a $500.00 check and captured the NTC sidepot prize, which includes a paid spot in the 2016 Cabela’s National Team Championship in Escanaba. The remainder of the field finished as follows:


  1. Nick Kallio & Kyle Eastman                 19.3 pounds
  2. Todd Schram & Morgan Schram         18.12 pounds
  3. Pat Cassidy & Don Corbet                   18.8 pounds
  4. Brian Helgemo & Jim Helgemo            18.6 pounds
  5. Jim Peterson & Greg Joseph               18.4 pounds
  6. Lynn Hanisko & Shaun Porath             18.4 pounds
  7. Jerry Plourde & Charlie Jack                18.2 pounds
  8. Frank Sliva & Brendan Sliva                 18.1 pounds
  9. Neil Armatti & Kevin Lebeauf              17.13 pounds
  10. Scott Peterson & Jamie Tourangeau  17.12 pounds
  11. Bryan Anderson & Milt Anderson        17.7 pounds
  12. Jason Forvilly & Jon Way                    17.6 pounds
  13. Derek Parker & Ben Spriks                  16.1 pounds
  14. Loren Kositzky & Tom Tellefson          15.14 pounds
  15. Brian Houghton & Jaime Houghton     13.7 pounds
  16. Bert Wilson & Jerry Wery                    13.7 pounds
  17. Kevin Gartland & Mark Kallio              11.14 pounds
  18. Gordon Stone & William Webber        4.6 pounds
  19. John Creten & Christian Creten          2.10 pounds


The next NTC qualifier/sidepot club tournament (Cliff D’Arcy Memorial) will be held September 12th. The event will take place in Cedar River, Michigan at the Cedar River State boat ramp. Teams can sign up for the sidepot online on the TWF website. The winner of the sidepot (min 10 teams) will receive a spot in the 2016 Cabela’s NTC in Escanaba. For additional questions contact Jerry Plourde at 906-420-0022.


The Ohio Walleye Federation – Ashtabula OH

The Ohio Walleye Federation held its last event of the year out of ARU in Ashtabula OH on Sat August 22nd Sponsored by Vic’s Sports Center. When the anglers made it outside the break wall in Ashtabula they were met with an unusual site calm water on Lake Erie, and this would be the case for the entire day with waves remaining 1ft or less with bright sunny skies. As this was the last event of the year there was a lot at stake for a few of the anglers competing for the Ohio Walleye Cup. As the event came to a close it was the team of Fenstamaker and Thorp weighing in at 39.2lbs taking 1st place. Coming in a close 2nd place was the team of Jobes and Wilmot bringing in a 5 fish limit of 37.84lbs and rounding out the top 3 was the team of Davies and Kerr weighing in at 36.22lbs. Teams reported catching there fish using dipsys and worm harness in the morning and in the afternoon resorting to crankbaits and wire line. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ohio Walleye Federation – Vic’s Challenge

The Ohio Walleye Federation held the first annual Vic’s Challenge out of Geneva State Park (Lake Erie) on July 18th 2015. This was the OWF’s first Lake Erie Event this year which was open to anyone no membership required. With an over 110% payback including bonuses for Family, Ranger / Starcraft, Big Fish, and Big Sheep head sponsored by Vic’s Sports Center In Tallmadge OH. There was a lot on the line when the 40 boats hit the water including a $4000 1st place payout. After an unusually cool summer so far, the fish were reported to be in a later than normal summer pattern meaning long boat rides, even with water temps in the lower 70s. Weather forecasters predicted that wind conditions would be light and variable giving the anglers waves of 2 ft or less which was not the case when the anglers arrived at the ramp. So with lake conditions in the 2-4 ft range and some 5 ftrs mixed in there the anglers knew they had their hands full with both fishing and driving the boat. Finishing First Place was the team of Kopf / Riggs / Shoroune who brought in the Big Fish and Big basket  weighing in at 39.64lbs. Taking Second place was the team of Duffus / Loveland / Romano with a weight of 38.78lbs and rounding out the top 3 was the team of Pelz / Bird / Bird with a weight of 37.86lbs. All three teams reported catching their fish with similar methods of worm harnesses on 3 oz inline weights and dipsys. One thing was the same for all 3 boats they made long boat rides to find the right fish. We would like to thank all our sponsors for making these events possible please see for complete results and to support our sponsors. Remember…….. HAVE FUN AND FISH!!

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