Western Ohio Walleye Club Side Pot Results

Ceasars Creek – June 11th


Tony and Steve, 12.70.

Hill and Becker 12.15.

Rob and Bill Porter, 11.66.

Clark and Clark 8.58.

Dudley and Dudley 8.21.

Menker and Menker 6.20.

Fill stall header, and Jason O’Brien 3.96.

Wolf / Wolf  3.01.

James Smith, James Wong, 2.86.

John Long and Jason Minger, 1.68.

Ryan and Spencer, 1.46.

Winner of side pot was PHILLIPS and PHILLIPS.



Hoover Reservoir – June 25th

Menker and Menker, 11.77.

Dudley and Dudley 11.06.

Rob and Bill 10.15.

Phil and Jason O’Brien 5.88.

Dan Johnson, Larry Roads 5.50.

Cork and Clark 4.20.

Ryan and Spencer, 3.18.

Wolfe and Wolfe 2.96.

Tony and Steve, 3.10.

John Long and Jason Meininger 0.0



CJ Brown Reservoir – July 16th

Doug, Dyer, Steve Jones, 11.17.

Tony and Steve, 6.77.

Wolfe and Wolfe 6.03.

Dudley and Dudley 5.17.

Clark. Clark. 4.07.

Phil and Jason O’Brien 4.0.

Rob and Bill 3.24.

Dan Johnson, Larry Roads  0.0

Ryan and Spencer. 0.0

Long and Minser 2.35



Alum Creek – September 17th

Wolfe and Wolfe 10.05.

Clark and Clark 9.95.

Dudley and Dudley 9.61.

Phil and Jason O’Brien 9.12.

James Smith, and James Long 5.31.

Rob and Bill Porter 5.29.

Hill and Becker 7.0.

Tony and Steve 1.89.

John Long and Jason minser  0.0.

Ryan and Spencer 0.0.

Ohio River Saugeye Club Results October 21st, 2023

Ohio River Saugeye Club Results October 21st, 2023

Nebraska Walleye Association Championship held at Merritt Reservoir

Nebraska Walleye Association Championship held at Merritt Reservoir


The NWA held its Championship tournament and Top Gun Awards last weekend at Merritt Reservoir. Scheels Omaha was the major sponsor of the event.

Bill McGannon and Brian Hunkey, owners of Walleye Nation Creations placed first in the Championship tournament. Nate and Landon Stender pictured in the 3rd and 4th from left finished first in the Top Gun Points total.

Top Gun paid $3,500 to first place, $2,500 to second place and $1,500 to third place. The Championship paid down four places with 100% payout of entry fees.

A total of $17,000 in cash and $10,000 in prizes were awarded. Big Fish for the weekend paid $790 to Ben Seim and Greg Belgum.

Merritt Results

Top Gun Results

Crossroads Walleye Trail Holds Dual Event with Michiana Walleye Association on St. Joe’s River