2019 World Walleye Standings

2019 World Walleye Standings

2019 WWA Season Standings

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Fishing is Fun! in Nebraska 2019 Tournament Results

Fishing is Fun! in Nebraska 2019 Tournament Results

The Nebraska Walleye Association Kids Fishing Clinics Charity, Inc. sponsored four tournaments for the 2019 season. The first was held at Lewis & Clark Reservoir near Crofton, NE. The second was held on Sherman Reservoir near Loup City, NE. The third and fourth were held at Calamus Reservoir near Burwell, NE. All of these tournaments were hampered by extreme weather conditions including cold, sleet, dangerous winds, thunderstorms, and driving rain.

Totally different types of fisheries and weather patterns presented challenges for the tournament teams and on all days the winning teams used different presentations to overcome that. nics
The overall top three team finishers after this four tournament format are: Nate & Landon Stender, Steve Freese & Rich McShane, and Rick & Dan Waldren.
Congratulations to these teams and they will be offered the opportunity to fish in the 2020 NTC at Lake Winnebago.

This organization is a 501 (c) (3) public charity that promotes fishing education and conservation in Nebraska to over 2000 youth annually. Fishing is Fun! is the catch phrase used to conduct 15-20 kids fishing clinics across the state; including special needs cliinics. Each participant receives hands on fishing instruction from state certified volunteers and is given a free rod/reel/tackle box combination to take home for fishing. The only entry required to fish in these tournaments is to volunteer at the kids fishing clinic held at the tournament site. At each location the weather interrupted the clinics. However a total of 80 kids still showed up and learned how to fish.

A big thanks to all who make: Fishing is Fun! in Nebraska.

Fishing Is Fun Tournament Results


Names Sherman Calamus 1 Calamus 2 L&C 2018 TOTAL
Stender/Stender 105 103 100 110 418
Freese/McShane 96 101 105 15 317
Waldren/Waldren 110 100 96 0 306
McGannon/Hunke 97 110 97 0 304
Woerth/Paul 95 96 110 0 301
Hettler/Verba 101 94 103 0 298
Baker/Wadas 98 95 93 0 286
Allbee/Weber 94 15 101 15 225
Seffron/Class 0 105 99 0 204
Mikulic/Mikulic 0 93 15 15 123
Eaton/McGuire 0 15 92 0 107
Glassoff/Mascarello 15 0 0 0 15


Indiana Walleye Anglers Association Season Wraps Up

Indiana Walleye Anglers Association Season Wraps Up

Indiana Walleye Anglers Association

The 2019 season proved to be quite challenging for the members and teams competing in IWAA events. Extreme weather and lake conditions hammered the entire season. In April, teams competed on Prairie Creek Reservoir 22 teams made dealt with icy temps 20 MPH winds. Geoff Church and Tim McFarland still managed to find 5 nice walleyes to win both the event and the NTC sidepot with 18.32 pounds.
Next up was Indiana premier walleye fishery, Brookville Reservoir. Muddy rising water levels and more wind and cold rain plagued yet another event. Mike & Bobby Chandler ground out a win with10.48 pounds. The top 5 were separated by mere ounces. Isaiah Noah & Doug Jarrett took second place honors including the NTC sidepot win.
The IWAA event 3 brought warm stormy weather. As most of the teams were camping at Monroe Reservoir for the event, many lost the tents and gear as they took shelter in a tornado shelter. One team was trapped on the lake and many were forced to make the ride home wet and cold as conditions and forecasts resulted in a cancelation and reschedule. The Fourth event to be held on Indiana’s largest lake, Patoka Reservoir was cancelled as waters reached 18 foot over summer pool closing all roads and bridges and making the lake inaccessible to the public.
Members voted to move the Patoka event to a new lake on the states western edge. 12 teams made the start at Sullivan Lake for the Patoka make up. They were greeted with the hottest temps of the season. Temperatures reached 98 degrees by weigh-in. Rusty Kimmerly and Devin Metz brought in 5 saugeyes for an even 8 pounds for a victory.
Monroe Reservoir make up seen only 11 teams. Once again, high dirty waters along with the state pulling maximum water through the dam dropping the lake over a foot a day proved to be challenging for sure. Again, Geoff Church and Tim McFarland took top honors with 2 fish weighing 4.59 pounds. Only 4 fish were brought to the scales for the entire event.
Event number 5 held at Summit Reservoir went to Bill Krintz and Chuck Morgan with 8.48 pounds as the bested 21 teams for the win. Doug Frazier and Chad Martin won the NTC sidepot finishing in second place. To end the regular season the IWAA held its annual charity event seeing 39 teams compete on Brookville Reservoir. Tony Winkler and Jimmy Lang scored a win with 5 fish for 10.07 pounds and donated their winnings back to the charity. This year’s charity went to benefit a family with a newborn in sever medical conditions.
The IWAA 2-day championship on Brookville showed how tough walleye fishing can be. With warm waters, dropping waters levels and high pressures lake temps were 10 to 15 degrees above normal for the time of year. After a dismal day one, Geoff Church and Tim McFarland made a big come back on day to win the weekend with 13.84 pounds. They also wrapped up Team of the Year honors as well.

Green Bay Walleye Series October 19th Fall Brawl Results

Green Bay Walleye Series









1. Eberly and Schram 28.48 lbs.
2. Mills and Gantz 26.82 lbs.
3. Daun and Foster 25.57 lbs.
4. Hurst and Erdman 22.58 lbs.
5. Van Asten and Heilman 22.25 lbs.
6. Solberg and Miller 21.77 lbs.
7. Lakich and Wilson 21.31lbs.
8. Volinitr and Miron 20.27 lbs.
9. Korth and Kaperlain 20.26 lbs.
10. Hable and Schmidt 13.01 lbs.
11. Parks and Schramm 17.63 lbs.
12. Teasley and Mansuer 3.12 lbs.
13. Leal and Leal 0.00 lbs.
14. Suda and Rahlf 0.00 lbs.
15. Dempsey and Navis 0.00 lbs.
16. Pearson and Gau 0.00 lbs.
17. Foch and Gorske 0.00 lbs.
18. Gorschel and Thunderbuck 0.00 lbs.