Cabela’s National Team Championship – The Walleye Federation (TWF) and Cabela’s announce long-term partnership agreement

TWFlogo_250The Walleye Federation (TWF) and Cabela’s announced today TWF will assume the primary role of managing, tracking and producing the walleye world’s premier grassroots national championship event, The Cabela’s National Team Championship. The changes will take place with the beginning of the qualification process for the 2014 Cabela’s National Team Championship.  

Cabela’s, the “World’s Foremost Outfitter,” is the namesake sponsor and conductor of the event from the corporate level since the Cabela’s National Team Championship started 11 years ago. Cabela’s has a long history of developing, supporting and outfitting the outdoors lifestyle.

NTC2011Logo_4c“Running competitive fishing events is something we love to do, but it’s not really a Cabela’s core business,” stated Lee Dolan, VP of Cabela’s Brand Marketing. “Now that there’s a strong, grassroots walleye organization in The Walleye Federation, it’s time we pass the torch to the fishing industry to do what it does best. Cabela’s will continue to support and “outfit” the event as the “World’s Foremost Outfitter.”

Cabela’s will continue as the namesake sponsor and play a major role. However, the logistics, qualifications, allocations, entry processes and event operations will now proceed through TWF.

“The last couple years, we’ve extensively surveyed walleye anglers and NTC competitors,” Robert Cartlidge of TWF, stated. “Anglers surveyed overwhelmingly want a true national championship with a legitimate qualification process that rewards those actually fishing events. There hasn’t been an easy and effective way to track or verify all clubs and circuits actually holding events, because there wasn’t a national grassroots organization in the walleye world,” he continued. “But, now there is with The Walleye Federation.”

TWF will play an active support role in the 2013 Cabela’s NTC scheduled for Sault Ste Marie, and begin its leadership role with a new angler-driven format starting with the 2014 qualification process.

“The last thing we want is to come between walleye anglers and their home clubs and trails, in fact, just the opposite,” Cartlidge offered. “Based on the feedback from walleye anglers nationwide, and recent group conference calls with several walleye clubs, we have a solid growth plan. We want to support all the walleye clubs and help drive members to their clubs and events; the plan will do just that—and in a way anyone can afford to attend and compete for prestigious Cabela’s National Team Championship spots.”

The following is an overview of the new system will work moving forward.

The 2013 Cabela’s National Team Championship is set, and registration is open under the existing rules and qualification allotment system. Starting with the 2014 qualifying process (January 2013), the only way to the gain a Cabela’s NTC spot is through TWF. ALL Cabela’s NTC allocations will go through TWF.

To get your organization affiliated with TWF go to, It’s easy to join, and the benefits are extensive. TWF membership also covers membership for the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC). So, it’s one stop shopping.

Each affiliated club will receive one (1) guaranteed spot to award to their top team, courtesy of Cabela’s, in the 2014 Cabela’s NTC. Affiliated clubs only receive one (1) guaranteed spot; all others must be earned by fishing or by allocation through the leftover process. Now spots will only be awarded based on verified fishing!

TWF has no desire to run lots of local walleye events and compete with TWF-affiliated clubs and trails. So, we’ve built a simple program to help clubs grow, and make qualifying for the Cabela’s NTC transparent and beneficial for all anglers. ANY TWF affiliated trail or club can hold their own Cabela’s NTC qualifying event alongside and/or in conjunction with their club events. It’s that simple. Events are 100% payback.

Here’s how it will work, and benefit the clubs trails, and anglers in a two-prong approach:

Reward the trails and clubs – help them grow

  1. All NTC eligible clubs and trails and all Cabela’s NTC qualifying spots must be affiliated with TWF so we can track, publish and promote each event.
  2. Each TWF-affiliated club/trail (regardless of size) receives one (1) guaranteed spot as a thank you from Cabela’s just for being affiliated.
  3. Any TWF affiliated club or trail that conducts and verifies with TWF to hold 4 or more regular club events per year, with a minimum of 15 boats per club event, will be awarded a 2nd and 3rd spot. So, the 1st-3rd place teams for the year can be awarded NTC spots. Send us your standings and short story after each event to secure your spots. We will post stories and results on to promote your club and get the club and its members the publicity they deserve.
  4. Earn as many Cabela’s NTC spots as you wish! All you need to do is fish for them. Affiliated TWF clubs can register with TWF online and hold as many Cabela’s NTC qualifying tournaments as they want to receive more PAID individual team spots into the Cabela’s NTC.

Here is how – (Not everyone in a local club tournament wants to qualify for the Cabela’s NTC. But, more will when they see the format AND the PAID entry fees!)

TWF has built a simple online tournament registration process. Any affiliated club can register the event on the TWF site in advance.  Then, either hold it as a “side pot” with an event you’re already running or run it as a standalone event. Then, get the word out to your members to signup online! That’s it—fast and easy!

TWF can promote and publish the event with press releases on, and send out email blasts to contacts in the area. Anglers fishing ONLY your club tournament don’t need to do anything different than what they’ve been doing. Anglers wanting to earn a PAID spot in the Cabela’s NTC can try!

Anglers go online to register for the NTC qualifying event (or side pot) you’ve registered. They’ll pay an entry fee online (100% payback), fish your event and weigh in just like normal. No extra work, minimum team numbers will apply. TWF will provide the winners of YOUR Cabela’s NTC qualifying tournament (that meet minimum number requirements) a fully PAID entry to the Cabela’s NTC, custom TWF jerseys, and plaques! YOUR club also earns a stipend for holding the event. Fish or host as many as you want to try to qualify!

The Details

  1. If your club is not registered in the TWF system (all 2013 NTC clubs have already been entered)  call us at 580.765.9031 or go online to register your walleye club at
  2. Register your qualifying event (starting March 15) online at It’s free and easy! Register to hold it as a side pot to one of your regular events or as a stand-alone event. YOUR choice!
  3. We can help! TWF can promote registered events with email blasts, website news and press.
  4. Get your club members to register online at for your Cabela’s NTC qualifier. Entry fee is $50 per team for TWF members and $130 for non-TWF members, which includes one-time yearly TWF membership. Then, the next one is only $50! (Your TWF membership also covers membership fees to fish a Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit event!) Fish as many Cabela’s NTC qualifying events as you want for only $50 per team. (This also helps your club meet its minimum TWF affiliation requirements of 12 teams to get your club full insurance coverage.)
  5. MUST have 20 teams minimum to host a PAID qualifying event. (20 teams x $50 entry = $1000 paid back 100% to YOUR event)
  6. Winning team (two (2) places paid for EACH 20 teams registered) receives:

1 place (for each 20 teams) wins

    • A PAID spot in the Cabela’s National Team Championship ($300)
    • $200 cash travel stipend upon arrival at the Cabela’s NTC ($200)
    • (2)-$50 Cabela’s Gift Cards ($100)
    • (2)-Custom Walleye Jerseys ($150)
    • (2)- Custom acrylic Cabela’s NTC National Qualifier Plaques ($100)
    • 2nd place team (20 teams) – one (1) $75 Cabela’s Gift Card
    • Hosting club receives $3.75 per boat stipend ($75) on 20 boats

7. 100% payback to the TWF club and its members plus a PAID spot with benefits and travel assistance for the winners!

All payouts, stipends and prizes are handled by TWF and shipped directly to you or the anglers as you wish. There’s no extra work for your club. But, now there’s something more to offer and it’s all paid for!  TWF rewards your angler(s) of the year, as well as individual winners AND provides a path for your club to make a little money while promoting membership in your organization.

For more information about the Cabela’s National Team Championship or The Walleye Federation please call the Federation National Office at (580) 765-2319, or visit or or LIKE US on facebook!