TWFlogo_250Artifishalleyes (artificial-eyes) The art of fishing for walleyes using artificial baits. A new venture for two walleye pros creating the Next Generation Beyond Bait.


Fargo, ND. – Two long time professional and serious walleye anglers, whether they fish for paychecks or pride, have teamed up to create Artifishalleyes.


New for 2014, Corey Heiser and Troy Morris have signed a notarized contract to NOT use live bait for the entire 2014 season as they compete in walleye tournaments together across the country. They have created an organization called Artifishalleyes to help educate and teach our youth and fellow anglers that artificial baits can be used competitively, even on those so called live bait waters, and help protect our water systems.


“Being in the fishing industry for several years we have seen the invasion of ANS (Aquatic Nuisance Species) become more widespread, causing severe and permanent damage to the habitats they invade by reducing the abundance of native species and altering ecosystem processes. This destruction of the natural ecosystem is causing lakes and rivers to have less game fish and even rendering some lakes and rivers unusable,” Heiser and Morris commented.


Even in those natural walleye fisheries not affected by ANS, walleye tournament fishing continues to be scrutinized because the possible transportation of ANS to these locations by live bait and the water that they came from.


Troy and Corey have agreed to produce numerous videos following their year on the Masters Walleye Circuit Trail. They will be fishing the following MWC Events:
Pierre, SD Lake Sharpe
Ortonville, MN Big Stone Lake
Oconto WI, Bay of Green Bay
Cass Lake, MN
“We’ve picked varying types of water to fish tournaments, including some traditional live bait locations like Green Bay and Cass Lake, in order to show the effectiveness of artificial presentations.” Morris commented. “I have spent several years using both artificial and live bait and now is the time to commit to artificial.”


Morris and Heiser felt like the MWC was the perfect venue with their push towards artificial only events, hosting the Devils Lake event last year and both Red Wing and Spring Valley tournaments this year.

The duo will also fish two FM Walleye Club events that are historically dominated with the use of live bait:
Pelican Rapids, MN Pelican Lake
Lake Park, MN Big Cormorant


 “I’m extremely excited about fishing these western Minnesota waters. They are traditional Chub and Crawler fisheries. Many years, the biggest concern before the tournament is where to get Red Tails, it will be a relief to put together a presentation without them. Plus, Pelican Lake has zebra mussels, it’ll be a relief not worrying about proper disposal of the minnows used there.”Heiser explained.


For more information about the exclusive use and presentations of artificial baits please “like” their Facebook page, Artifishalleyes, or web site at