Russell and Sorvari win NLWC at Walloon

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first tournament of the year.  We had 16 teams competing with a total of 41 walleyes weighed and 4 limits.

1st Place:    Mark Sorvari and Jerry Russell                      5 fish   11.58 lbs.

2nd Place:   Raliegh Goodspeed and Abbie Southwell     5 fish   11.23 lbs.

3rd Place:   Don Sr. and Don Jr. Schlappi                         5 fish   11.07 lbs.

4th Place:   Mike Saker and Jim Parrott                            5 fish   9.96 lbs.   Reef Runner Package

5th Place:   Tom Stolt and Paul Fettig                              4 fish   7.48 lbs.   Eagle Claw Package

Largest Walleye:  Don Sr. and Don Jr. Schlappi   3.06 lbs.