Bay De Noc Walleye Cabela’s NTC Qualifier 5/26/13

The Bay De Noc Walleye Club announces tournament results from the Cabela’s NTC qualifier, The Bays De Noc Early Bird Walleye Tournament. The event took place May 26th. 19 Teams took off and returned at the Escanaba’s North Shore Boat Landing. It was a great day on the Bays with teams bringing in big walleye, 10 over 5 pounds. Twelve of the 19 teams competing were NTC eligible. In first place Tourangeau/Neubauer with 18.35 pds, 2nd place Cassidy/Corbett with 18.15 pds, 3rd place Gartland/Kallio with 18.15 pds, 4th place Plourde/Jack with 17.90 pds, 5th place Chenier/Chenier with 15.40 pds,  Anderson/Kallio 13.25 pds, Lapalm/Kositzke 12.70 pds, Schram/Schram 12.15 pds, Hanisko/Porath 11.75 pds, Houghton/Houghton 9.7 pds, Wunder/Wunder 9.4 pds, Wilson/Wery 8.75 pds, Parker/Koprosh 7.55 pds, Sliva/Sliva 3.25 pds, Stone/Webber 2.8 pds, Helgemo/Helgemo 0, Haney/Bourdeau 0, Leahy/Taylor 0. The next NTC qualifying Bay De Noc event is scheduled for August 11th. Jerry Plourde.