Harlan Anglers Walleye Give Away Youth Lifetime Fishing Permits

Tom Jamie JadonThe Harlan Anglers Walleye Club in Association with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will give away three free youth Lifetime Fishing Permits. Cabela’s pays for ½ of this permit and the Club used the money from raffle sales to pay the other ½. Area Businesses and individuals donated either cash or door prizes to the club which were used for raffle drawings and the proceeds from this made it possible to give away these lifetime permits, and the Club would like to thank the businesses for these donations, The Club has held two of these raffle drawings for the lifetime fishing permits so far this year and the raffle tickets are free for any youth wishing to enter the contest.

The winners of the two youth Lifetime fishing permits given away by the Harlan Anglers Walleye Club were Jadon J Harrold pictured with his Father Jamie on the left and his Granddad Tom on the right. Jadon is three years old.

harlan june2-13 3The winner of the 2nd Lifetime Fishing permit was won by Kyler Schroeder Age two and she is pictured with her Dad Brian Schroeder.