Fishing is Fun! in Nebraska 2020 tournament season results





                                2020 Fishing is Fun! in Nebraska tournament season results

The Nebraska Walleye Association Kids Fishing Clinics Charity, Inc. sponsored four tournaments for the 2020 season.  The first  and second were held at Calamus Reservoir near Burwell, NE.   The third and fourth were held at Lewis & Clark Reservoir near Crofton, NE.  These tournaments are  a ‘tournament within a tournament’, as they are held during a Nebraska Walleye Association member tournament weekend.  The only entry required to fish in these tournaments is to be entered in the NWA Tournament and to volunteer at the kids fishing clinic held at the tournament site.

This year due to Nebraska COVID restrictions we were in danger of not being able to have any tournaments or conduct a kids clinic.  But thankfully some regions of the State were not impacted greatly and the tournaments with the clinics were permitted.  The clinic participation was limited and only 45 kids were able to learn how to fish.

This organization is a 501 (c) (3) public charity that promotes fishing education and conservation in Nebraska to over 2000 youth annually.  Fishing is Fun! is the catch phrase used to conduct 15-20 kids fishing clinics across the state; including special needs clinics.  Each participant receives hands on fishing instruction from state certified volunteers and is given a free rod/reel/tackle box combination to take home for fishing.     Again sadly this year only 45 kids were able to participate.

Totally different types of fisheries and weather patterns presented challenges for the tournament teams and on all days the winning teams used different presentations to overcome that.

The overall top three team finishers after this four tournament format are: Mike Woerth/James Paul, Jason Hettler/Taylor Vanis, and Bill McGannon/Brian Hunke.

Congratulations to these teams and they will be offered the opportunity to fish in the 2021 NTC on Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay Michigan.

A big thanks to all who make: Fishing is Fun! in Nebraska.

Rich McShane, President

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4-25-20 at Piedmont Lake and 5-9-20 at Tappan Lake  were cancelled by Govenor due to Covid-19


6-20-20 at Atwood Lake:

1} Don & Cheryl Weaver                            13.4lbs       Big Fish 4.1

2) James Bowman and Marion Erb             12.5

3) Aden Miller and Milton Yoder                    9.

4) Reuben Miller and Vernon Hershberger    6


7-25-20 at Salt Fork Lake

1) Jason Hershberger and Duane Mast        8.7    Big Fish 4.8

2) Andy Hook and Tyler Hook                        6.7

3) Don and Cheryl Weaver                            4.7

4) Nathan Miller and Lyle Miller                      2.3

5) Dennis Sharrone  and Ryan Chapman      0

6) Nate Bowman and Jason Kurtz                  0


8-8-20 at Tappan Lake

1)Jason Hershberger and Duane Mast            13.9

2) Nate Fisher and Brock Sentz                        12.1

3) Ryan Chapman and Carl Momirow               8.14   big fish 6.6

4) Don and Cheryl Weaver                                8.12

5)Andy Hook and Tyler Hook                             8.10

6) Nathan Miller and Lyle Miller                          8.8

7) Nat Bowman and James Bowman                 7.9


8-22-20 at Atwood Lake

1) Brock Sentz and Nate Fisher                             3.1

1) Aden Miller and Milton Yoder                              3.1

2) Don and Cheryl Weaver                                      3.0  big fish 1.7

3) Nathan Miller and Lyle Miller                                2.4

4) Ryan Chapman and Dennis Sharrone                 1.3

5) Andy Hook and Tyler Hook                                  0

6) Gary Myers and Jim Bardelto                              0

7) Jason Hershberger and Christopher Raber        0