LOWE® Announces Special Purchase Incentive Program for TWF Members

February 10, 2017 – LOWE® Equipment Attachments is announcing a special purchase program for members of The Walleye Federation (TWF).

LOWE® will offer TWF members a 25 percent discount off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on all its auger, trenching, and grapple products.  This special program will be in effect for the calendar year 2017 and is only available through Midwest Attachments, LLC.

The special offer does not include taxes or transportation costs from LOWE® to the destination.  A valid copy of the TWF membership card showing name, membership number, and current membership qualifies a member for this special offer.  There is no specified limit to the number of items a member may wish to purchase.  LOWE® reserves the right to verify any information provided.

Midwest Attachments is an internet-based company that promotes the sale of LOWE® attachments worldwide.  For more information regarding Midwest Attachments, please visit their website at https://midwestattachments.com/  or contact them at 1-715/254-1776.

LOWE® Equipment Attachments is an official sponsor of the Cabela’s Master’s Walleye Circuit and is a strong supporter of many organizations that support fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.  LOWE® is an independent, family owned business that produced its first auger attachment in 1971.  With the pride of being made in the USA, LOWE® products have an excellent reputation for Productive, Durable, Value®.

For more information on LOWE® Equipment Attachments, please visit our website at www.loweman.com or call 1-608/538-4000.


Dan Palmer Retires as Tournament Director; Northfield, Minnesota’s, Jack Baker Tapped to Fill that Role

Fisherman, a Fisherman’s friend and now an Entrepreneur!

Recently a pair of unique opportunities came along for Dan & Jen Palmer that required the industry veteran to make the very tough decision to retire from one dream job he loved in order to embrace another and then another as new business opportunities came along for him and his family.

Thank you for the honor of representing each and every one of you as a Tournament Official, Sponsor Rep, Co-worker, and most of all Friends! Dan Palmer stated. “It has been an incredible 11 years of Living The Dream in the Tournament Industry.”

Late in 2016, Dan and his family acquired the Original Eddie Bait Company that started making Muskie baits in Hayward Wisconsin in 1947.  Dan’s plan was to continue running tournaments and the bait company. Then in January 2017, another opportunity became available in his home town when a popular local pub called “Twin Lakes Tap” unexpectedly became available to them. This is where the tough decision came into play with a once in a lifetime opportunity at stake, Dan and Jen made the leap into the realm of fulltime business owners!

“Dan has a great love and passion for the outdoors and for the anglers he served.” According to Robert Cartlidge, President at the Federation National Office.  “I consider him and his family life-long friends and while we will certainly miss them at our events, we wish them all the best in their new endeavors as entrepreneurs. If you get close to Hayward, please stop by Twin Lakes Tap and say “hello”. I am sure Dan would enjoy it.” 

The leadership team underwent a nationwide search for the right person to fill the position by contacting a long list of clubs, anglers and industry partners for their recommendations. A number of qualified candidates were identified and interviewed.  In the end, Northfield, Minnesota’s Jack Baker was picked to fill the role.

Jack’s resume’ is impressive and he strikes me as a down to earth person who knows how to succeed and is no stranger to hard work,” Cartlidge stated. “Jack was selected to run our northern tournament operations because of his passion for the sport, his years of experience and his reputation in the industry. I’m sure there will be a learning curve between hard water and soft water events but I have no doubt that Jack will hit the ground running and serve our anglers well.” 

With 9 years of tournament operations experience as a business man, as a leader and as the current director of the premier ice fishing circuit in the US, the North American Ice Fishing Circuit, (NAIFC).  Baker also has past experience in managing the ICE MAN realty TV show, as a golf course pro and manager and as a young man he worked in the family’s lumber business.

Here is Jack’s take on his new role. “You don’t replace someone like Dan you build off his accomplishments and carry it forward. I am excited for this opportunity and to meet all the anglers, we are going to keep it fun.”

Baker is already on board with the national office as of Feb 1 working hard and prepping for the 2017 season openers. He can be reached via email for now jack@federationangler.com  and on the tournament hotline starting March 1 which is 580.716.4291

Welcome aboard Jack!




Texas Walleye Association

Oct 24

1 McWilliams/Russel 2 Audrain/Audrain  3 Murphy/McMurphy. 4 Murphy/Murphy. 5 Garrison/Garrison 6 Gerdes/Gerdes  7 Stroud/Dietrich. 8 Reing/Reing


Dec 12

1st – Stroud/Dietrich 4fish – 7.55lbs
2nd- Gerdes/Gerdes. 2 fish – 4.93lbs
3rd- Garrison/Garrison 3fish – 3.91lbs
Big fish – 3.43lbs Gerdes/Gerdes


March 19

1st $660 Mike Stroud & Deke Dietrich 4-fish 8.84#
2nd $400 Bryan & Kenneth Garrison (Big fish 2.58#) 5-fish 8.79#
3rd Pat Scott & Bob Giordano 5-fish 8.61#
4th John McWilliams & John Russell 5-fish 8.15#
5th Kevin & Kalin Audrain 3-fish 5.16#
6th Monty & Martyn McMurphy 2-fish 3.07#
7th Jaymi Kapla & Jim Yeager 0-fish



1 Garrison/Garrison. 2 Murphy\Mcmurphy  3 McWilliams/Russel. 4 Stroud/Dietrich. 5 Turner/Turner. 6 Mcmurphy/Story. 7 Moser/Lawson



1 Audrain/Audrain. 2 McWilliams/Russel 3 Garrison/Garrison-Turner/Turner-Mcmuphy/Mcmurphy 


June championship

Day #1 results;

1st $760+$80 John McWilliams & John Russell (Big fish-2.00#) 5-fish 8.10#.
2nd $455 Warren Frederickson & Erick Bonde 5-fish 7.43#.
3rd Kevin & Kalin Audrain 5-fish 6.87#.
4th Mark Murphy & Monty McMurphy 5-fish 6.63#.
5th Mike Stroud & Deke Dietrich 5-fish 6.54#.
6th Bobby & Gary Reining 5-fish 6.29#.
7th Bryan & Kenneth Garrison 5-fish 5.88#.
8th Dan Turner & Danny Potter 4-fish 4.96#.

Day #2 results;

1st $760+$80 Dan Turner & Danny Potter (Big fish 4.89#) 5-fish 11.27#.
2nd $455 Mark Murphy & Monty McMurphy 5-fish 9.17#.
3rd Mike Stroud & Deke Dietrich 5-fish 8.18#.
4th Kevin Kalin Audrain 5-fish 7.64#.
5th Warren Frederickson & Erick Bonde 5-fish 7.46#.
6th Bryan & Kenneth Garrison 5-fish 7.22#.
7th John McWilliams & John Russell 5-fish 6.89#.
8th Bobby & Gary Reining 3-fish 3.26#

Championship results;

1st $1200 Dan Turner & Danny Potter 9-fish 16.35#.
2nd $800 Mark Murphy & Monty McMurphy 10-fish 15.80#.
3rd $400 John McWilliams & John Russell 10-fish 14.99#.
4th Warren Frederickson & Eric Bowde 10-fish 14.87#.
5th Mike Stroud & Deke Dietrich 10-fish 14.72#.
6th Kevin & Kalin Audrain 10-fish 14.51#.
7th Bryan & Kenneth Garrison 10-fish 13.10#.
8th Bobby & Gary Reining 8-fish 9.50#.

TWA Team Of The Year Results;

1st John McWilliams & John Russell 31 points.
2nd Mike Stroud & Deke Dietrich 30 points.
3rd Bryan & Kenneth Garrison 27 points.


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